Guide Course

The Møre og Trøndelag Guide Service offers a fully comprehensive, Self Study Correspondence Guide Course which prepares you for working for us as a guide for the summer season.  The course comprises of 220 hours which includes : Self Study, Guided Visits and Practical Training,  everything you will need in your work as a guide.  It includes important basic information about Norway and introduction to the Service Industry, right through to presentation techniques and detailed study visits to all of the attractions where you will be guiding your passengers.

The online course is scheduled to run from the beginning of Febuary – April 2019

Part 1

Distance Learning
(10 modules + 9 tests)

Part 2

about 4-6 days of practical guiding

Part 3

Written & oral examination – in Molde (May).

Participants need to be available for the full duration of the course, and stay in the region of Molde to work until September/October.

Our guide course includes:

  • Online educational program in English: Distance Learning studies with tests at the end of each topic that will allow you to continue
  • You study wherever you are – use any computer in the world with an Internet connection
  • The classroom is always open – study at the time that suits you best
  • “Introduction to Norway” Module for non-Norwegian participants
  • General service education
  • On-site educational program in Molde and other destinations: guide training, visits to museums/attractions, oral and written examination
  • Local MTGS authorisation in the languages in which you wish to guide
  • All authorisations are given by a committee established by MTGS
  • All guide course fees are sponsored by Møre og Trøndelag Guide Service.  However, all expenses such as travel costs, ferry-, buss tickets during the practical training etc. have to be paid by the guide.

The Guides will receive a Guide Course Certificate upon completion and passing the training .

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